Paper: US Congress Simulation Writeup

The premiere activity in my US Congress class was several day simulation of a Congress session. Rather than just running through Congress and letting us play ourselves, we were each assigned a sitting Congressperson; this meant the decisions actually played out something like they would have for real and actually had to deal with the party system for real instead of just as a game piece. A big part of our grade for this activity was determined by our writeup on how we made decisions on each vote. Continue reading “Paper: US Congress Simulation Writeup”

Paper: Representative David Camp’s Official Website

My junior year I took a United States Congress class at CMC. The first paper we had to write was on the website of our US Representative’s website. At the time my parents were living (and I was registered to vote) in Mount Pleasant, MI. That put me in Michigan’s 4th, represented by Dave Camp.

Continue reading “Paper: Representative David Camp’s Official Website”