Paper: Leadership Styles in “The President, The Pope, and the Prime Minister”

This is the first paper I wrote for my Leadership in Management course, which I took second semester senior year. It was a pretty good course, although predictably Republican in its politics. This paper is a summary and analysis of The President, The Pope, and The Prime Minister. It may not be clear from below, but while I found the book interesting because I lack a good education in that time period, it’s also impressively slanted and not something you should take as gospel.

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Paper: Presidential Personalities & Success

This was the final paper for my Presidential Primaries, Nominations, & Elections class. In it I study the impact of a President’s personality type on his electoral and governing success. I really liked the idea of the paper, but my professor rightly dinged me for not having enough data to support the conclusions I ended up drawing. (Such things are hard when you only have 43 samples to look at!) Continue reading “Paper: Presidential Personalities & Success”

Paper: 2008 was not a Realignment Election

So now we’ve seen the 2008 Presidential election, and we’ve done some reading on the nature of realignment elections. My Presidential Primaries, Nominations, & Elections professor asked us to write a paper on whether this year’s Presidential election should be considered a realignment election. Continue reading “Paper: 2008 was not a Realignment Election”