About Greg

A brief summary of my life:
  • late 1986: born in Berkeley, CA to a computer science graduate student and his wife
  • 1990: Moved to Beavercreek, a suburb of Dayton, OH
  • 1996: Moved to Middleton, MI because my father had become a United Methodist Pastor
  • 2001: Moved to Battle Creek, MI
    • Attended Battle Creek Central and the Battle Creek Area Math & Science Center
    • Ran cross country, track & field
      • Achieved All-State, cross country, 2005 (5k in 16:16)
      • Captain, 3 semesters
    • Kissed a girl, went to prom, broke up later
    • Became a National Merit Scholar Finalist and got a lot of good test scores
    • Earned Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 0309
    • Graduated, valedictorian
    • Got in a fender bender with my parents’ car
      • Worked at Arby’s for two months to pay for it
  • 2005: Attended Harvey Mudd College
    • Took classes, and usually passed
    • Made some friends, lost a lot, and got some back
    • Kissed and broke up with a few more girls
      • Fell in love with one
    • Tutored some students
    • Found out I liked political philosophy and hated modern philosophy of the mind
    • Found out I hated modern art
  • 2009: Graduated from HMC
  • 2009: Took a job at DreamHost, working on the super-awesome Ceph

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